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Under Sink Water Filtration Vs. Countertop Filtration: Learn the Differences

When it comes to turning tap water into safe, clean drinking water, water filtration systems do a great job. So much so that some filtration systems not only eliminate a range of contaminants but also improve the taste of drinking water. This has made them one of the necessities without which families are likely to develop health risks associated with drinking unfiltered tap water. But there’s a rub: choosing the best water filtration system is challenging, owing to the variety of systems available.

Two of the most common and popular water filtration systems are under sink water filtration and countertop filters. While both of them are good, each has its pros and cons, making it difficult to choose between the two.

Here’s everything you need to know about under sink water filtration and countertop filters that will help you make an informed decision when buying a water filter for your home:

Under sink water filtration systems

As the name suggests, these systems are installed underneath the kitchen sink to filter the kitchen faucet water for drinking and cooking purposes. They are easy to install and offer targeted filtration, unlike whole-house water filtration systems.


Out of sight: since the best under sink water filtration systems are installed underneath the kitchen sink, they remain out of sight.

Less clutter: since they are installed underneath the sink, they do not occupy additional space in the kitchen, leading to less clutter.

Optimal performance: when it comes to eliminating contamination from tap water, they do an excellent job, exceeding the level of filtration you obtain from pitcher filters.


Dedicated faucet: most under sink water filtration systems require the installation of a dedicated faucet, which can be a little uncomfortable for some homeowners.

Countertop water filtration system

If you do not want the best under sink water filtration system, a countertop filter can be your best friend, cleaning your tap water, and at the same time, enhancing its taste. These systems are placed on the kitchen countertop in order to deliver clean water.


Little assembly: these systems require little to no installation, as some are ready to place on the countertop the moment you unbox them.

Portability: since these filters do not require permanent installation, you can easily move them and place them wherever you want.

Price: countertop models are usually less expensive than under sink water filtration systems, making them a good choice for those with a limited budget.


Counter space: unlike under sink water filtration systems, countertop models occupy space on the counter.

Refill: since these systems are not connected to the water pipeline, you need to refill them time and again to receive clean drinking water.

If you want to have access to safe drinking water and are looking for a water purifier, feel free to get in touch with us today and let us help choose the best solution for your clean water needs.

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