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Your water system is a self-cleaning, low-maintenance unit. Our systems require water softener salt, which may be found at most local hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot for around $8.00 per 40 lb bag. There are various brands and they come in pellets or crystal form. All brands and forms work well. The salt does not clean or touch your water, it cleans the system that filters your water. The salt level should be maintained at half tank level. Because water usage varies per household, there is no set timeframe for how long the salt should last. Please check the salt level every couple of weeks to evaluate if the tank needs more salt. Every two weeks the salt tank will fill with water to backwash itself, this is nothing to be concerned about unless the water is overflowing out of the tank, in which case, you will need to call us for free service as the drain may be clogged.

Our systems are equipped with a bypass system for concerns regarding the system. There is a two-valve bypass which are the two red handles located on the top back of the system. Simply turn both handles clockwise. Bypassing the systems will not disrupt your water usage and will provide us with the opportunity to service the system. If ever there is a leak and the system must be shutoff, there is a main shutoff value located midway behind the system.

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