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Why choose Rainking?

Like many cities and towns in the United States, Orlando and its surrounding towns add CHLORINE to its water to protect consumers against waterborne illness.
While not considered harmful on its own, many people find that the removal of chlorine from drinking water improves taste and odor. When your tap water is filtered, we believe you will notice an immediate taste improvement.
What’s legal isn’t necessarily safe when it comes to your drinking water!


That’s where the Rainking Purification System comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to the issue of chlorine and other contaminants in your tap water. Engineered with precision, our system includes an activated carbon filter specifically designed to remove chlorine, thereby improving both the taste and odor of your water. But we go beyond just eliminating chlorine; our multi-stage filtration process also targets other potentially harmful substances like lead, pesticides, and heavy metals. This assures you that every sip you take is not just free from contaminants but also enriched with essential minerals. So when you choose Rainking, you’re not just opting for cleaner water — you’re investing in a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Upgrade to Rainking and turn your tap into a source of water as pure and refreshing as nature intended.


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Delivering The Cleanest
Water and Air Possible

At Rainking Purification Systems, our goal is to deliver you the highest quality of water and air possible to help you stay safe and healthy.
To achieve that, we provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and resources that improve your water and indoor air quality.
From testing your water and air quality to determining the involved risk factors to monitoring and installing certified absolute water filtration systems for home,
and everything in between, our services have your concerns regarding your water and air quality covered. Feel free to ask us any questions or request a water testing service at no cost to you.

Why Testing Water Quality is Important

Monitoring your water quality and regularly testing it is extremely important to have access to reliable and safe drinking water and eliminate the risks of developing serious health issues caused by water contamination.

Why Testing Air Quality is Important

With the increasing air pollution throughout the world, air quality has become a pressing issue in the world. Poor air quality is responsible for nearly 3.4 million deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. This is a worrying statistic, demanding the need for immediate action to combat poor air quality, both outdoor and indoor.

How Rainking Purification Systems Helps

Rainking Purification Systems specializes in water and air purification systems and testing. We provide you with the best solutions to address your water and air quality concerns.

Rainking Purification Systems



2.5 mg/L

To purify water 2.5mg potassium is needed for every liter.



0.5 mg/L

0.5mg fluoride is needed to purify 1 liter of  water.



350a mg/L

To purify water give 35oa mg chlorine for every liter of water...



14.5 mg/L

14.5mg of magnesium will be required to purify every liter…


2 mg/L


157 mg/L


5.6 mg/L


0.4 mg/L

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Bottle Your Own Water

Take advantage of your new water softener and under the sink reverse osmosis system by purchasing your own bottles and filling them yourself! Save money and the planet!
  • Better Filtration
  • Alkaline Filter Attachments
  • Low Maintenance
  • No More Space Constraint

Improve Water Quality In Your Home

Another name for water is life. We want help you improve your water quality, so that you and your family can drink pure, healthy and safe water.

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